How to use your COVID-19 lateral flow test

How to use your SELFCheck COVID-19 Antigen Test

This product is not available in the UK

Always read BOTH sides of the instruction leaflet before touching the components or starting your test - the information below is an outline only and not a substitute for reading the instruction leaflet. If there is anything that is unclear to you please contact us - we will get back to you within 1 working day (usually much faster).

Always follow the instructions exactly as written.

Perform the test in good lighting.

DO NOT pick up or move the lateral flow test cassette after you have added your sample.

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How to use your COVID-19 lateral flow test

SELFCheck COVID-19 Antigen Test kit contents

2 x sealed aluminium pouches each containing one test device - only open pouch when ready to use the test
2 x sterile swabs for nasal sampling
2 x dropper bottles containing a small amount of extraction solution
instruction leaflet - always read both sides before starting your test, if anything is not clear please contact us before starting your test

How to use your COVID-19 lateral flow test

Collecting your nasal swab sample

The test procedure always starts with good preparation. Place the contents of the box on a clean, dry, flat surface eg a table.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and dry.
Take the test device out of the foil pouch - tear the foil carefully at the notch
Carefully open the pack containing a swab, removing from the pack by the plastic handle - do not touch the absorbent tip (1).

Gently insert the swab about 4 to 5cm inside the nostril and rotate the swab 5 times inside the nose to collect mucus and cells. Using the same swab, repeat the procedure with the other nostril (2).

Extracting your sample from the swab

After collecting the sample, carefully unscrew the cap from the dropper bottle (there should only be a small amount of liquid in the bottom of the bottle) and insert the swab into this extraction solution. Vigorously rotate and twist the swab in the solution against the inner wall of the bottle at least 10 times to extract your sample from the swab. Now, screw the top back on to the bottle securely.

How to use your COVID-19 lateral flow test

Adding your sample to the test device

Snap-off the plastic tip from the cap then allow exactly TWO FULL DROPS to fall into the sample well, allow a few seconds between each drop.

You must read your result after EXACTLY 20 minutes. Do not interpret your result after 30 minutes.