Self test kits and early diagnosis

Self test kits and early diagnosis

Monday 7th October 2019
JR Biomedical Ltd

SELFCheck is a range of easy to use medical health screening self test kits that you can buy from your pharmacy and use in private at home. SELFCheck tests give you a result within minutes without the need to send your sample in the post and waiting days for results. As you do the test yourself you also avoid paying expensive laboratory fees.

SELFCheck test kits are available to check for different medical conditions, some require a finger prick blood drop such as the gluten sensitivity test for coeliac disease or stomach ulcer test whilst other tests require a swab, urine or stool sample. Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions are provided together with information on what your test result means so that you can discuss your results with your pharmacist or doctor.

SELFCheck branded self test kits comply with strict UK regulations for medical diagnostics and have been extensively validated to ensure that the result you get is reliable and appropriate follow up advice is provided with the test.

Although SELFCheck tests are based on the same principles as the tests used in hospital laboratories, self test kits are not intended to replace the diagnosis by your doctor but can help prompt you to take action earlier than you might have done if you are concerned about your health. Early diagnosis followed by prompt referral and treatment by your doctor can help improve outcome.

Your pharmacist can help advise whether a self test kit is suitable for you.