Using a SELFCheck Blood Test is Easy

Using a SELFCheck Blood Test is Easy

Thursday 2nd July 2020
JR Biomedical Ltd

All SELFCheck self test kits are manufactured and assembled according to a stringent medical quality system (ISO13485) and have been independently evaluated by scientific and clinical experts to check that the tests are easy to use and give reliable results by anyone at home.

Even if you are a healthcare professional, and are familiar with using point of care blood tests, it is essential that you read the instructions provided with the test as medical tests from one manufacturer to another often vary in the way they are to be used.

Providing you follow the instructions as written you should find that the test is easy to use and gives you a result in minutes.

The video below shows one of our colleagues demonstrating how to collect your blood sample and adding the blood and buffer diluent to the test cassette.

Please note:

1. ALWAYS read the instruction leaflet BEFORE touching the components.

2. DO NOT press the lever on the finger pricker lancet until the end of the lancet is pressed firmly against your finger. The lancets supplied are single use for hygiene reasons and the needle will retract into the plastic casing of the lancet once used. The lancets supplied are those used in clinical practice and although a further lancet is supplied for your convenience it should not be needed if the instructions are followed as written.

3. Your blood drop and diluent drops must be added to the sample well. DO NOT add the diluent drops to the results window as you will get an invalid result.

4. If you have any questions about your test please contact us.