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A leader in high quality consumer rapid lateral flow diagnostics, we are dedicated to improving human health by increasing accessibility to a fast and reliable diagnosis. That mission is behind everything we do, from commercialisation of novel biomarkers for clinical use on the hospital ward to delivering value to our customers and investors.

Pregnancy tests and blood glucose meters have been available to the general public for decades, allowing individuals to take direct control of their health. Innovations in diagnostic technology in this highly regulated sector is driving the growth of safe, reliable and simple to use SELFCheck self test diagnostics for a wide range of common health concerns.

SELFCheck self test kits are manufactured only from high quality components and assembled at our UK ISO13485:2016 certified laboratories. Professional packs of our rapid tests are also available for NHS hospital laboratories. All SELFCheck medical self tests are assembled at our UK laboratories and have been evaluated, approved and certified by the regulators.

Self test kits aren't meant to replace traditional healthcare pathways but whether a positive or negative result, self tests can help prompt individuals to seek help from their pharmacist or doctor sooner than they might have.

SELFCheck self test kits are available from major UK retailers including Lloyds Pharmacy and Superdrug as well as many independent pharmacies.

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JR Biomedical Ltd is an ISO13485:2016 certified company

JR Biomedical Ltd is an ISO13485:2016 certified company


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Safe and reliable

When it comes to consumer healthcare it is essential that your customers have complete confidence that the health checks they purchase from you are scientifically valid, meet the UK legal and quality requirements for self test diagnostics and have been independently validated.

Contact us today and join the growing list of wholesalers and retailers selling the SELFCheck range of simple to use and reliable self test kits.

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SELFCheck customers benefit from the experience, regulatory and scientific support of JR Biomedical who develop new diagnostic technology for intensive care units and hospital laboratories.

Thanks very much. Your company has been great: efficient, totally clear with instructions and exceptionally helpful. We are most grateful. Best wishes.


Thanks so much for your outstanding customer service and speed which is really appreciated!


Thank you for such a quick response. This has put my mind at ease! I found using the SELFCheck very easy to use! Have a good day.


I really appreciate this - not used to this level of customer service to be honest! If you want me to leave any online reviews anywhere just let me know and I'll be happy to give you some five star ratings. All the best.


This is the only brand I trust. I use your health products only because they are the only ones, for me, that are reliable and trustworthy and have gone through stringent trials and accreditation and are the same as the lab checks. The best ever, give full peace of mind and re-assurance. 5 out of 5.


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