SELFCHECK HQ at Glyndwr University

SELFCHECK research and manufacturing laboratories at Glyndwr University, North Wales.

SELFCHECK - innovation, quality, expertise

Leaders in consumer rapid diagnostics, we are dedicated to improving human health by increasing accessibility to a fast and reliable diagnosis. That mission is behind everything we do, from commercialisation of novel biomarkers for clinical point of care testing to delivering value to our customers and investors.

  • Driving innovative technology
  • Obsession with quality of products and service
  • Sector expertise

SELFCHECK is a growing range of self test medical test kits from 1st Health Products Ltd which was acquired by JR Biomedical Ltd in August 2018. Our intention is to ensure UK consumers are provided with high quality, reliable, easy to use and scientifically validated lateral flow medical tests, whilst assisting retailers to ensure they provide their customers with the best possible advice.

  • Expert technical help by phone, email and online chat
  • CE certified and registered with MHRA
  • Assembled in the UK at our ISO13485 certified labs
  • Available from leading UK retailers
  • Medical device scientific and regulatory experts
  • Pipeline of new product development for self-test and clinical use

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can improve clinical outcomes
Self test kits that are used at home like SELFCHECK aren't meant to replace traditional healthcare pathways, but can help prompt individuals to seek help from their doctor or pharmacist about their health concerns. All SELFCHECK tests undergo the same validation as hospital laboratory tests and are regulated in exactly the same way too. The sooner a health condition is diagnosed and treated, the more likely the patient will have a successful clinical outcome offering additional benefits for saving NHS primary and longer-term, secondary care resources.

Expert customer service is essential
Although self test kits are manufactured in the same way and to the same standards as hospital laboratory tests, we believe that expert customer service is just as important to self test users as the test itself. That is why we make it as easy as possible for our customers to contact us, and for us to provide prompt, effective help every time.

Research & development
Our research and manufacturing laboratories are at Glyndwr University's OpTIC Technology Centre in North Wales. As well as production of the SELFCheck range, JR Biomedical has an active R&D program developing new diagnostic technology and collaboration with Universities, including the development of a new type of lateral flow rapid test device for use by clinicians for the diagnosis of sepsis and basic research in to a laboratory based label-free homogeneous assay system.

All medical devices are developed and assembled on-site according to a strict, externally audited quality assurance system, certified to ISO13485:2016.

Each product in the SELFCHECK range is CE marked for self test use according to the In Vitro Diagnostics Directive/Regulations. This certification is only granted following external independent review of the product by a Notified Body, where the manufacturer has to demonstrate that each test is of suitable sensitivity and specificity and the instructions are clear enough for lay-persons to easily use the test and interpret the results. These regulatory requirements for self test devices are over and above those necessary for equivalent tests used in NHS hospital laboratories.

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