How to use SELFCheck finger pricker lancets

How to use SELFCheck finger pricker lancets

Monday 23rd September 2019
JR Biomedical Ltd

One of the main issues surrounding self test kits has always been the need for a small blood sample. This is usually taken from the finger tip and in most cases only a drop or two of blood is required. The procedure is quite simple using 'automatic' lancets (finger prickers) that are routinely used in hospitals and clinics.

The lancets provided with SELFCheck kits have been specifically chosen to be easy to use and provide sufficient blood for the tests. Although the lancets are not difficult to use, it is important to read and understand the instructions before touching the lancet to avoid inadvertently triggering the device. Once the lancet is triggered, a needle is fired, punctures the finger tip and then within a fraction of a second withdraws back into the lancet plastic moulding. The lancet needle will not be visible at any time during the procedure and cannot be reused.

Here are some key facts about finger pricker lancets;

  • They are very reliable - used in hospitals and clinics around the world
  • Do not touch the finger pricker until you have read the instructions
  • Virtually all lancet failures are due to incorrect use
  • The lancets MUST be in firm contact with the finger tip when you activate the lancet - they can only be used ONCE

Here is a video from Owen Mumford - the Oxford based manufacturer of the Unistik 3 Extra lancet used in our SELFCheck test kits, describing how the device is used in clinic - notice how it is important not to touch the 'trigger' until the device is pressed against your finger tip.